Kellie Harris Practicing Mercury free dentistry in Norhtern New Mexico

Dr. Kellie Harris

Dr. Kellie Harris graduated in 1996 from the University of the Pacific dental school in San Francisco, Ca. After graduation Dr. Harris knew she wanted to practice dentistry in a small town so she attended a 1-year postgraduate residency in General dentistry. She felt this would give her a better understanding of all the specialties. During her residency she found her passion in Cosmetic Dentistry!

Dr Harris has made a commitment to that passion by continuing to learn and expand. She attends approximately 150 hours of continuing education every year. Most of which are focused on cosmetic dentistry. In 2000 she attended the prestigious P.A.C Live Program. This was one of the first “hands on” esthetic courses in the country. She graduated from both the anterior esthetic and full mouth reconstruction. “This program has forever changed the way I do dentistry. Not only do I look at the beauty of what I do, but concentrate on the functional aspect so that my work last a long time.”

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