Kellie Harris Practicing Mercury free dentistry in Norhtern New Mexico

Jane Hogsett - Dental Assistant

Jane was born and raised in Ohio.  After high school she received an AAS degree in Mechanical Design Engineering.   She then obtained employment designing custom windows and doors.  She then obtained a position designing custom semi-trailers and programmed a CNC table.  With her kids Michael, Jason, and Brandie growing up, she and her husband Roy looked at locations where they would like to someday retire.  Therefore, a little over 3 years ago she and her family moved to Taos.  Shortly after arriving she started working at Northern NM Center for Cosmetic Dentistry as a receptionist due to the lack of manufacturing jobs in the Taos area.  Little did she know she would really enjoy the dental field.  After gaining tremendous dental knowledge, she attended some dental coursed to enhance her abilities and skills.  She has received a certificate in coronal polishing thus far.  She is currently a dental assistant for Dr. Kellie Harris and enjoys every minute of it.

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